Unboxing the Surface RT

So taking some vacation days to attend the BUILD conference was totally worth it. A break from sunny Dubai into drizzling Redmond. And also… free Surface RT and Nokia Lumia 920 Windows Phone 8 for all attendees 🙂

After queuing for 1.5 hours to get my gifts, I finally bring you the unboxing photos of Surface RT 32GB w/ Black TouchCover:

Here is the box they gave me:

The packaging is like a keyboard, it slides to the side:

This is from the back, the hollow is there so that you can double-check the TouchCover color (Black) before buying I guess:

So there are 3 boxes: The outer wrapper, the TouchCover box and the Surface box:

This is what the TouchCover box looks like:

This is what the Surface inner box looks like, the Blue does not match the TouchCover color:

A closer look at the contents of the Surface inner box; only Surface + battery charger:

Surface 5-pin battery charger:

All together now: Snap the TouchCover and open the back kick-stand:

And finally, showing off the strength of the TouchCover by holding the Surface upside-down:

Stay tune next week for the video review of using a Surface RT. I need some time to download the good apps and find if there’s something amiss with this Microsoft’s new hardware…

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    • Surface RT versi ini versi retail mas bro, kan udah di-launch sebelum BUILD conference, jadi udah ada stock nya. Kalo Lumia 920 kan pas BUILD emang belum rilis retail, makanya dikasih yg developer version krn belum final.

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