How to Setup Windows 8 Store Dev Account

By end of 2013, there will be 391 million PC Shipments (IDC defines PC = desktop + laptop), which of course are running Windows 8.

By end of 2016, there will be 483 million PC Shipments. Microsoft marketing will definitely concentrate on selling Windows 8 for some time in the future. It would be amiss not to ride on this wave.

If you missed the original iPhone & iPad apps gold rush, you have a second chance now by riding on the Windows 8 wave. But before you get down to coding, you need to set up a Windows Store Developer Account first.

First things first, it’s no use if you can’t get paid. So check if your country is supported here

If you have MSDN

If you are a BizSpark member, or an MVP, or somehow has an MSDN account, look into your email and search for “Windows Store Developer Account”. In my case, I missed this email, luckily I checked before dishing out USD50 registration fee:

Then log in to your MSDN My Account, and you should see your Redeem Code under Subscription Benefits:


Registering Windows Store Dev Account

1. Go to this link

2. Sign-in with your Windows Live ID. Now there’s something new here. Microsoft is using 2-factor authentication (something that you know: your Live ID password + something that you have: a token code from Microsoft). By default Microsoft wants to send the token code to your mobile phone. Long time back when I set up my email, I didn’t bother putting a mobile number, so it defaults to US +1 international code, and now I couldn’t change the country in this screen. Luckily Microsoft has a second option that allows you to send the token to your alternate email address specified when you set up your Live ID:

3. You will not be able to proceed until you enter the token, so make sure you either correctly enter your mobile number or the alternate email address of your Live ID. If you want to change your mobile number or alternate email address, go to

4. Next, choose your Developer Country carefully. You may be asked for some legal docs and tax forms, so it’s always better to choose the country of your nationality.

5. I suggest you choose Individual instead of Company, it just involves less documentation and verification. Anyway, you can choose a Publisher Name different than your personal name, so save the hassle and choose Individual.

6. Here you go, choose a Publisher Name. Now I specify something other than Zeddy here to keep consistent with my Apple Developer Account, Google Play Store Account and Windows Phone Developer Account. If you search iOS, Android or Windows Phone apps using keyword ‘armanovus’ , yeah those are the apps me and my friends built outside work.

7. Next read a bit and scroll down to accept the Dev Store Agreement. I’m not sure why it says Pre-Release when in fact I registered this after Windows 8 hits RTM and after Windows Store opens in 120 markets.

8. You are almost done, if you have a Redeem Code enter here, otherwise Microsoft will charge you USD 50. Another thing if you choose a non-US developer country, you may be exempted from sales tax like below:

9. Finally, this is the screen that you need to double check before letting Microsoft charge your credit card USD 50

10. Just like PayPal, you need to verify your credit card before you can do much with your Windows Store Account. You can wait next month for your credit card statement to come, or if you’re impatient like me, straight away call Citibank’s customer service and ask them what does the description say for my last transaction charged by Microsoft? This should contain a 3-digit code that you need to enter for verification:

11. Next is Set Up your Payout Account! This is where you get your $$$ millions from selling your great Windows 8 Apps. In this case, since I chose Indonesia as developer country, it makes sense to put the SWIFT code of my Indonesian Bank account:

12. After the payout account is done, finally you complete your Tax Profile

13. Now I can’t advise you on filling out the Tax Form, cos it depends on the Tax Treaty between US and your Developer Country

14. After you complete your Tax Profile, don’t panic if it still says Invalid. Wait for 1-3 days and check again. For me, after 24 hours it immediately changed to Valid. When more devs register for Windows Store Account, expect this time frame to increase, so that’s why you need to register asap before other devs catch on…

15. Like the Tax Profile says, No further action required to sell apps. You are now ready to make your $$$ millions by publishing Windows 8 apps 🙂

Once I publish my first Windows 8 app, I will blog about the experience of publishing it. Stay tune.


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  2. My account hasn’t been verified.But when I click on the [Verify your payment method] link, the server keeps returning the same page. I never get to the screen like the one above. There is no place to enter the payment verification information, I was able to submit my app, but the certification is stuck on the first step because [We can’t list your app in the Store until you verify your payment method.].

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